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   Water Master International Ltd.
Company Description
Water Master International (“WMI�) is a manufacturing and sales company with a specific focus in Water from Air Technology. Over the past seven years, the company has developed a sophisticated and stylish machine � the C2000 Water Maker � that produces pure drinking water by extracting moisture from the atmosphere. The C2000 is now ready for commercial launch into major markets around the world.

WMI is a subsidiary of the Water Master Group of companies, incorporated in New Zealand, which in turn has established a joint venture manufacturing company based in Hong Kong. The company has a substantial employee base in its China manufacturing plant and an international marketing and R&D team from New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world. WMI views the atmosphere as an excellent resource that can be taped to help alleviate the worlds dwindling supplies of safe drinking water.

Product Description
The Water Master C2000 Water Maker is a machine that produces pure, safe drinking water from the atmosphere. The C2000 represents a quantum leap over other sources of drinking water as it generates its own supply directly from the air. Water produced by the C2000 is always clean, fresh and safe to drink. Using a unique and patented “Crystallisation� method to extract moisture from the air, impurities are removed as water molecules are frozen into ice crystals, similar to the formation of glacial ice. The ice is then melted and processed through a sophisticated filtration and sterilisation system and stored for use as required. To ensure purification, the water is automatically circulated and sterilised every day using Ozone (O3), an effective and proven sterilisation process that has been used in the water industry for over a century.

Business Type :   Manufacturer
Address :   Room 803-805, CCT Telecom Bldg.
11-19 Wo Shing Street
City & Country :   Fotan , Hong Kong
Tel No. :   +852 2601 3006
Fax no. :   +852 2601 3534
Website :   http://www.watermastertech.com
Contact Person :   Brad Maurer, Marketing Director
e-Mail :   Click here to contact us

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